Health Update – 9-9-11

Hi everyone – just a quick note to let you know the latest on the health front.  I haven’t yet gotten back to blogging the way I had hoped to, but hopefully I’ll find time.  Today’s a good time to give a report because I have good news to share.

I had a CT Scan last week and got the results yesterday – everything is improving.  The doc went through and read the results on a bunch of the tumors they are tracking and all have shrunk.  At this point we are dealing in millimeters, so nothing dramatic, but a bunch of the tumors in my lungs went from something like, say 6 mm to 4 mm, or something like that.  The tumors in my liver also showed signs of shrinking.

Also, the CEA, which is a blood tumor marker, went from a 14 to a 9, that is good, the smaller the CEA number the better.

So, this means that this latest round of chemo is working, so I again give thanks to God for good news like this and for each new day of life.

I also give thanks to you, I know that God answers the prayers of His people.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty lousy, but that comes with chemo.  It’s not unbearable, but it is irritating to not feel like getting out of bed most of the time, at least during the weeks I am on a chemo.  I am taking an oral chemo called xeloda, which is 7 days on and 7 days off, plus I get Avastin, once every other week – I have to go to the hospital to get that by IV.

So, I have 7 days of feeling pretty lousy but I rebound pretty good the other 7 days and am able to enjoy life and get some work done.

So again, thanks for all of your prayers and I’ll try to keep you updated.

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5 Responses to Health Update – 9-9-11

  1. Rick Ritchie says:

    Thanks for the update, David. Glad to hear that there is some good news.

    So are there any discoveries you’ve made about eating that work (even marginally)? My mom is going through chemo and eating something every day, but not much. It seems even when we find things that work one day, she’ll be sick of them another. This seems to mess with her taste buds more than her stomach, but that’s a bigger problem than I imagined it could be.

  2. jollyblogger says:

    Rick – I wish I could give you a good reply on that one but eating is one thing I haven’t figured out. I eat pretty well, though I think I eat less. Strangely enough, I keep gaining weight, which goes to verify some of my low carb beliefs, but that’s another story.
    None of my docs really think that diet heals the way some of the alternative practitioners think. But as to appetite I think whatever you can get her to eat, all the better. I’d worry about nutrition some but calories the most. During my first two rounds of chemo my taste buds and cravings were wild. Each time I started out craving oreos for about 4-5 weeks, then I had my fill of them. This time I haven’t had any of that. The only thing I can think of is to try to ride out her food moods as best you can – ask her what sounds good today and try to get it for her.
    Sorry I’m not of any better help, but I know what you are all going through. I’ll make sure to pray for you and her.

  3. David, I’m glad to hear that your illness is responding. I pray that God keeps you moving in the right direction, and keeps you advancing to the point that you have only good days. Doug

  4. Charlie Law says:

    Hi, David,

    I’m trying to get some more info on a conference talk given by Sinclair Ferguson in 2005. It was titled “The Trinity: The Life of God in the World of Eternity” and was given at the Jonathan Edward Institute Conference in Annapolis that summer. You provided good notes from the message on your old blog (that’s how I discovered this). I’m trying to locate an audio file or text transcript of this talk to use in preparing a series of sermons on the doctrine of the Trinity. Do you know how I could track this down? My searches so far haven’t turned up anything besides your notes. Thanks very much. You can contact me at chaslaw [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

    -C. Law

  5. Ellery says:

    Great news! Praise God!

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