The Jollette Strikes Again!

Hello folks! Jollette here. For those of you who don’t remember me, I am the Jollyblogger’s daughter. Back when he was first diagnosed with cancer I signed on with health updates and kept the lot of you entertained while my pappy was out sick. And now I’m back to wreak havoc on my father’s blog!

Ok, not really.

I am here for two reasons: first to make an announcement and ask for any available help, and second to give a health update on my dad.

First things first. I’m going to London. Upon the turning of the New year, as well as the added bonus of graduating from High School, I decided that I would take a year off to work and travel. In the fall I will be working almost full time and studying part-time at the local comm. rftc x3632.783……….frrrrrrrrtgggggg        wb ,w444444444443

-My apologies. The new kitten walked all over my keyboard-

… college. Then, in late December or early January, I will be going with the comm. college on a two-week trip to London to do all the touristy things and instead of returning stateside with them, I will just. . . . . stay. I have friends in a variety of European countries, but not as many as I like, so this is where the request comes in play:  If you have friends in Europe (preferably Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland or Poland, although any country is quite fine by me)  who you think would be willing to help me out on my trip, (or if you yourself is in or from Europe) would you let me know what country they are in so that as my trip draws closer I can expand my list of contacts, I would be much obliged.

My parents are a bit more nervous about this trip after having seen the movie “Taken,” so I’m doing whatever I can to alleviate their  anxiety.

My second purpose for this post is to update y’all on my dad. He’s currently doing well. He has just started chemo up again, but this time it’s oral and not straight to the blood. Twice a day for a week by mouth, every other week. I’m not sure if it’s a pill or what but you can ask. This is his week off. He still preaches and still begs for your prayers. He wanted me to tell y’all that he will be posting sometime soon. “Soon” can mean a lot of different things for my dad, but I imagine he’ll post this week.

Well, as they say in Dutch, Goedemiddag (Good afternoon!)

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2 Responses to The Jollette Strikes Again!

  1. Marshall says:

    Hi Jollette,
    I’ve read a couple of your father’s posts as well as your recent post. I hope your dad is doing well and I’ll definitely keep him in my prayers. I work for Centricity Music, a record label located in Franklin, TN. We have two new albums releasing in the fall. This 8.23.11 release includes Downhere and Aaron Shust. I know your dad hasn’t been blogging much lately, but if either of you are interested in blogging/writing a review please send your contact information to ‪ Look forward to hearing from you. For more information about the artists, go to ‪ and ‪ To find out more information about who we are as a label go to ‪ Thanks so much!

  2. Al couch says:

    Hey Beck

    when u leaving for England??

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