Hello with an update

Here it is, 1:00am in the morning and I’m having trouble seeping and I thought I would use this time to fire up a quick post.

First a few health updates.

My last scan, back in January showed progression of disease.  All previously known tumors had shown signs of growth.   Also, numerous news spots/lesions/nodules (never sure what terminology they are using and what means what) have been found on my lungs.

Doc said that the good news was that all the growth was small, and the new ones were very small so we are not in crisis.  Said I didn’t need to go back on chemo immediately, but probably would in the near future.

Well, the near future has come.  I had another CT scan last Friday and don’t have the results yet.  I’ll see the doc on this coming Friday and will find out the results and make plans for future treatment.

Our hope is that things have reversed and I can stay off of the hard chemo – maybe stay on this maintenance treatment.

I frankly haven’t felt well lately.  I had a good couple of days a couple of weeks ago – full of energy, worked from early morning into the night.  Was hoping this was a breakthrough but I went back to my old pattern and have been mightily fatigued in recent days.  It is allergy season though, plus I got a nasty stomach flu a few weeks ago and I also had a bad reaction to the barium I had to drink for my CT scan the other day.  So that may contribute, but basically I have been feeling terrible for some time now.

There is much good news though in all of this.  2 Cor. 4:16 is mine in these days:

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

I’ve lost more than a step or two but I haven’t lost heart.  My inner self is indeed being renewed and refreshed.   If you or someone you know is going through a terrible trial, take it from me, God will sustain you in the trial.  He won’t necessarily deliver you from the trial, but will be with you in the midst of it.

Though my attention is often largely diverted to physical matters, I believe and I feel that I am surrounded by God’s grace.  Christ is sufficient.  My wife is a constant companion.  My children are a delight.  The church is stalwart.  And I have many friends out there in the cyber world who continue to pray.  Of all the things I feel, and I feel many things which are all over the map, gratitude toward God and toward all of you is what I feel the most.

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8 Responses to Hello with an update

  1. Dan Phillips says:

    So glad you shared, but so sad for the news. My prayers for you will be renewed, brother. Keep us posted.

  2. jollyblogger says:

    Thanks Dan – you’re the best

  3. I am gratified to see this update and know you are still fighting the good fight. God bless you and your family Pastor Wayne

  4. rebecca says:

    I do pray for you, David, and for your family. God is faithful.

  5. J. Eric says:

    When you said that “If you or someone you know is going through a terrible trial, take it from me, God will sustain you in the trial. He won’t necessarily deliver you from the trial, but will be with you in the midst of it.” I experienced that just last month when my oldest sister passed away. She wasn’t a believer and her daughter, my Niece, is L.D.S.. My sister’s Memorial Service was in an L.D.S. building.

    My Niece asked me to give my sister’s Eulogy. And I was honored to do so. God and my praying friends got me through that trial with grace to comfort my Niece and honor the memory of my sister. Strangely, it was a wonderful day of remembrance of my sister’s life.

    It is a different trial than yours, but I can identify with your encouraging words.

    I’ll keep praying for God to continue to sustain you in your trials.

  6. GL says:

    Thanks for the update, brother. I love you and pray that the Lord will supply grace to fight.

  7. Lisa Viaros Hoffman says:

    David, we continue to pray for you and for healing and reduction of the newer growths/lesions. God is the great physician.

    Also, on a side note, please pray for John and Janice Findlay, our pastor of over 10 years, as they leave Pinewood and return to Pensacola. They are wonderful, godly couple and we wish them the best.

  8. sheepfeeder says:

    I stumbled across your old blog, and linked to this one, and am blown away by your transparency.

    There’s a song that encourages us to live as if we were dying and I am reminded of it now. So proud of you for sharing your confessions with us. We are all guilty of promoting ourselves. We may not all have a cancer diagnosis, but we are all dying. Your honesty is a great encouragement for all of us that need to die to self and live through our Savior.

    I believe in miracles sir, and I’m praying right now for a miracle of healing in your life. Your story is a gift and I have been blessed this day because of it. Thank you again!

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